Your opinions are critical to the success of this project, as we aim to create a plaza that is both inviting and exciting for all residents and visitors of Champaign.

EVERYONE is invited—residents, businesses, visitors and other stakeholders—to voice your opinions on what the future of the Neil Street Plaza should be.

Together, we are engaging in a nine-month planning process which will include focus groups, workshops, presentations, presence at community events and festivals, public meetings, and online platforms. The feedback we receive will allow us to make the best design decisions for a plaza that will become a daily staple, while also considering the potential for programming on daily, weekly, and monthly calendars.

Here are several ways to participate:

  1. Sign up for project updates

    • Sign up on this page to join our email list
  2. Follow along with us on social media #planourplaza

  3. Visit our table in the plaza at community events

    • Chat with us during weekend events such as the Farmers Market and more to share your vision for our downtown plaza!
  4. Share your vision with us

    • In five words or less, what is your vision for an active downtown plaza? Answer the questions by following the link above or using the form on the home page. We would love to hear from everyone!
  5. Attend the PlanOurPlaza community workshops

    • details TBD!