I Heart Downtown

There are many complexities to this process, but one simple goal stands tall: creating a new heart of downtown Champaign. Downtown is home to many great businesses and people, but currently lacks a central gathering space. The creation of such a space will take Champaign’s existing vibrant culture and extend its reach to a diverse range of people, from current downtown visitors and residents to those who do not currently visit downtown.

The dynamic Neil Street Plaza will be welcoming to daily users while also being flexible enough to shift form in order to accommodate large event crowds. Champaign already hosts many great events, but the addition of a new event space to downtown’s urban fabric will maximize the community’s potential. It is this flexibility and constant stream of activity that will enable the plaza to become the heart of downtown that Champaign needs.

We have only begun to uncover the potential of the plaza. To stay up to date on our plaza and placemaking planning process, sign up for updates and follow along with us on social media!